Affordable Residential Water Leak Detection Services for Homes

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With more than 5 years of experience, Drain Ratz Plumbers provides quality residential leak detection services. You can expect nothing less than leading industry standards from our team of expert plumbers and leak detectors.

Leak Detection Service that’s value for your money

​Along with our competent team of professionals, our great customer service has continued to help Drain Ratz stay in the lead in the Gauteng area. We want you to get quality service that starts from the moment you contact us. Our administrative staff carefully assesses your concerns, and ensures that the correct team for your plumbing needs is sent to your residential property.

From water leak detection to plumbing needs and emergencies, you can count on us to deliver efficiently and effectively. Contact Drain Ratz Plumbers today to learn more of what we can offer, and how we can provide you with our cutting edge services.​

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